The Mead Nursery, Brokerswood, Westbury BA13 4EG
The Mead Nursery, Brokerswood, Westbury BA13 4EG


It is a great relief to have had the grass cut in our fields and the hay baled and taken away while the lovely hot, dry weather was with us. All being well, we will have some sheep put in this autumn to crop the grass down a bit shorter and fertilise it at the same time.

Milly has a bit more energy now the temperatures are a bit cooler so the frisbee is once more much more enticing!

The butterflies on the nursery are fantastic at the moment, loving especially the ribbon of Verbena which runs down through one border and all the Origanums which are dotted about.

Summer 2014

We have been amazed at the exceptional growth, especially in the borders and have had to use more Snape Stakes than ever before. They are so great to use and soon disappear amongst the foliage so you don't realise they are there!

The nursery sales beds are looking particularly colourful at the moment so if you want ideas for summer colour, come now!

The Mead Nursery