June on the nursery

Everything is growing apace!

The garden is looking very colourful, a mass of wonderful alpines in the raised beds and blousy herbaceous in the borders.

If coming for a specific plant, we do recommend you phone first to check it is available, we cannot have every plant on our website ready at the same time. We need a reason for you all to come back time and time again!

Some of the plants that are in flower now


The wrens in the converted swallow’s nest are just on the verge of fledging. We have noticed over the years that the parents cleverly time it for when we are shut so the young have more chance of fledging without us disturbing them. The swallows are still flying in and out of the shed but no sign of nesting, perhaps they are not old enough. We are enjoying their chatter as they perch on the roof beams. Our wildflower meadow beside the nursery is looking beautiful at the moment and it’s receiving a lot of comments from customers.
Primula vulgaris