The Mead Nursery, Brokerswood, Westbury BA13 4EG
The Mead Nursery, Brokerswood, Westbury BA13 4EG


Some of our customers have been amused this year by the antics of our resident pheasants. There are two cock birds who are always scrapping while the two hen pheasants just carry on eating any dropped seed from under the feeders.

One evening this month, Steve and I watched a roe deer just feet from our kitchen window, glancing in at the nursery in between grazing on our meadow... rather close for comfort, but a magical sight, none the less!

Summer 2014

We have been amazed at the exceptional growth, especially in the borders and have had to use more Snape Stakes than ever before. They are so great to use and soon disappear amongst the foliage so you don't realise they are there!

The nursery sales beds are looking particularly colourful at the moment so if you want ideas for summer colour, come now!

A small selection of summer flowers that are showy now

The Mead Nursery - Achillea 'Terracotta'
The Mead Nursery - Coreopsis Verticillata 'Zagreb'
The Mead Nursery, Brokerswood, Westbury BA13 4EG - Gaura 'Rosyjane'
The Mead Nursery - Gladiolus Papilio 'Ruby'
The Mead Nursery - Teucrium Ackermannii