The Mead Nursery, Brokerswood, Westbury BA13 4EG
The Mead Nursery, Brokerswood, Westbury BA13 4EG

Seasonal visitors...

The cuckoo has come nearer the nursery this year and we have seen it once, which is the first time for several years.

The Mead Nursery - Swallows nesting again!The swallows are definitely down in number, but a pair have returned and are nesting here at the moment so the delightful chatter is back!

The Mead Nursery Charity Day

Summer is upon us and the raised beds, borders and sales beds are looking a picture, thanks to everyone's hard work and a wonderful Spring.

Don't forget the garden is free to wander in and is there to give you ideas on combinations and to show how the plants we sell will look once established.

New plants go out for sale most weeks on the sales beds, so there should always be some different varieties available from when you last visited.

Plants that are particularly good in containers for summer colour.

The Mead Nursery - Agastache 'Kudos Mandarin'
The Mead Nursery - Diascia 'Ice Cracker'
The Mead Nursery, Brokerswood, Westbury BA13 4EG - Summerina Patio Brown
The Mead Nursery - Salvia 'Blue Note'
The Mead Nursery - Osteospermum 'Blackthorn