March on the nursery

It is good to be open again for 2017 season!
We are back to normal opening hours
Wednesday to Saturday 9 to 5
Sunday 12 to 5
Closed Easter Sunday 16 April

We are moving the plants outside
If you come to the nursery in the next couple of weeks, you will find all the alpines are outside and more and more herbaceous and bulbs. By the end of March all the saleable plants should be outside.

The garden looks ready to go!
We have been enjoying all the snowdrops and early daffs in the garden, it seems to have been an exceptional year for snowdrops. The beds are all mulched with a mixture of garden compost and well rotted Alpaca manure so we have high hopes of the garden excelling itself with colour this year.

Some of the plants that are in flower now


Primula vulgaris