May on the nursery

Everything is growing apace!

The tunnels provide such a great environment for the first few weeks after potting. At this time of year we are putting new varieties out for sale each week.

If coming for a specific plant, we do recommend you phone first to check it is available, we cannot have every plant on our website ready at the same time. We need a reason for you all to come back time and time again!

Some of the plants that are in flower now


We feel we are a nursery in more ways than one at the moment, plants and birds everywhere! We have a robin’s nest on a shelf in the shed, a wren’s nest in a converted swallow’s nest in the roof of the shed and a blackbird’s nest in a stack of crates! And great news, the swallows seem to be ducking and diving in and out of our shed so maybe they will nest in there again after a couple of years absence, we hope so!
Primula vulgaris