The Mead Nursery, Brokerswood, Westbury BA13 4EG
The Mead Nursery, Brokerswood, Westbury BA13 4EG

It's Springtime!

The Mead Nursery - It's Springtime!The day before our Charity day, we heard the cuckoo for the first time this year, which we felt was a good omen for the next day, and so it proved!

The willow warbler is back, as are the whitethroats but the swallows which we thought were properly back have melted away for the time being.

The marsh marigolds at the bottom of the nursery field have been the best they have ever been this year and give us a lovely splash of yellow.

The Mead Nursery Charity Day

£2,340 raised for the RUH Forever Friends Appeal

What a fantastic day we had on Sunday 26 April for our Charity day in aid of RUH Forever Friends Appeal!

Massive thanks to everyone who came on the day, customers and our tireless helpers and to those of you who couldn't come but gave us a donation to put towards the total. The total raised was £2,340 which is the best we have ever raised on a Charity day so well done everyone!

There are still lots of plants available for sale so don't worry that we might have depleted stocks. Just a few of the plants that are catching our eye at the moment include Geums, Erysimums, Iberis. Camassias and Phlox.

Just a few of the new varieties that are available now

The Mead Nursery - Geum Mai Tai
The Mead Nursery - Erysimum Sunburst
The Mead Nursery, Brokerswood, Westbury BA13 4EG - Iberis Sempervirens
The Mead Nursery - Camassia Blue Heaven
The Mead Nursery - Phlox Subulata Alexander's Surprise