Information and pricing

All our plants are grown in our own special peat-free potting compost with added loam. Our bulbs are sold growing in pots, not as dry bulbs.

Most of our plants are in 9 cm pots.
Prices start at £3.50 for alpines, £3.50 for bulbs and £4.50 for herbaceous.

The Mead Nursery peat-free compost mix £6.50 a bag.
Cornish grit £3 a bag.

We accept chip & pin cards.

Some plant descriptions mention that they are protected by Plant Breeders’ Rights (PBR) legislation. You need a licence from the person or nursery that first discovered these plants if you plan to propagate or sell them.


To get The Mead Nursery printed catalogue, send your address and five first-class stamps.

The Mead Nursery Catalogue 2016